Resources: Homework Help

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Homework Help is open to all Ontario students from Grades 7 to 10.  It provides free math tutoring through interactive whiteboard chat.  During the school year, from Sunday through Thursday, from 5:30-9:30pm, you will find dozens of certified teachers answering questions of all types, from the most basic review, to EQAO practice questions, to Waterloo contest questions.  Teachers on the site help lead students, rather than giving them the answer.

Our coaches encourage their students to use Homework Help regularly.  It is an unparalleled way to get a specific question answered, especially if you are doing your homework or studying for a test.  Our coaches then encourage their students to think about the experience and put the question they asked into context.  “What was harder about this question than the other ones?”  “What did you learn from the teacher that you didn’t know before?”  “Do you need more practice on this type of question, and if so, where will we find more questions like it?”

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