Resources: Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has been in the news lately, partly because of Sal Khan’s recent book, The One World Schoolhouse.

I’ve long loved the Khan Academy for their Knowledge Map, now called the Learning Dashboard.  Just recently they expanded the Learning Dashboard to live up to its name.  It’s now a personalized interface into the site that includes a math pre-test for new learners, and suggests areas to practice or master.  The points and badges have been retained and are now more prominent.

It’s a wonderful use of technology, and the videos and practice questions together are incredibly useful.  The only downside is that like most technology-delivered math curriculum, it focus on individual skills.  There are opportunities to post questions on videos and get help from coaches, but they can be problematic for youngsters and don’t add up to a social construction of mathematics.  Put together with our curriculum and coaching framework, however, it’s one of the best free sites available to help students improve their math skills.  A student’s research for the week will likely often include practicing or mastering a skill on KhanAcademy.

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