Welcome Foster Parents!

If you are a foster parent with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, you may recently have received our brochure in the mail.  If so, welcome!

We are currently recruiting both students and tutors for our January start.

Students will ideally be in grade 6, 7, or 8.  We are recruiting crown wards only, for our first session.

Tutors will ideally be in grade 9 or 10, with at least one high school math credit underway or completed.  They can be any child in your home, including foster children, adopted children, or biological children.  They don’t need to be superstars in math; a willingness to help is the most important criteria!  Older students are also welcome.

I encourage you to call the number, or email the address, on the brochure to speak to me in person with any questions.  You’re also welcome to leave a comment on this page and I will respond for everyone.

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